We are undergoing a species level rite of passage as we hospice the old and make way for the new. How can we as individuals meet this epoch moment on the planet and attend this process fully? Since we are participants in and expressions of, a larger planetary process of inter-being, we have access to an animate intelligence through the direct knowing of our own bodies. Rather than putting our attention on over-thinking or cognitively analyzing, our role is to simply slow down, carefully listen, and attend to the process of birth that is moving through the body. In this case the concept of midwifing is very important. The role of midwifing is to support and attend to the new life that is coming and moving through the body.

Midwifing the Universal Human

Practices for Recovering and Actualizing Our Fullest Human Potential

What we call a body is an evolutionary unfolding; a biological as well as universal enfoldment of living systems that intelligent machines do not share. As we align ourselves with the regenerative powers of the Earth and the evolutionary thrust of our species, we tap abilities beyond the ordinary.

Join Barbara Karlsen today and learn how you can harness your body wisdom to become a force in your own  unfolding.

About Barbara Karlsen:

Dr. Barbara Karlsen is a transformational teacher. She holds a PhD from the California Instiute of Integral Studies and a Master’s degree in Somatic Psychology from Naropa Uinversity. She has been teaching movement-based work for the past 30 years, and is an authorized Continuum movement teacher. Barbara’s area of specialty is embodiment in the context of  Prenatal and Birth Psychology; in other-words how we embody as human beings. She has a private practice in  San Anselmo CA. and teaches movement throughout the Bay area.

Welcome to my website. A new path is before us, a new conception of what it means to be alive at this time, and to be human.

For this reason I feel it is imperative that we live out our deepest identity as an inextricable part of the cosmic unfolding. This is the greatest source of biological innovation and ingenuity that we can possibly tap, to flourish ourselves into the future. By joining my email list, you sign up to receive an excerpt from my E-Book “The Next Evolution of the Body, as well as monthly newsletters and offerings that serve as the continuation and extension of my work, Midwifing the Planetary Human. Join me today in changing your body, your evolution, and your life.  


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