A New Way of Experiencing the Body

A New Way of Experiencing the Body

In discovering a new way of thinking and experiencing the body, we enter a new way of perceiving the Earth, of which the body is a part. Human beings with all of their thoughts and all of their ideas, are enveloped within the atmosphere of this planet. An atmosphere...

Welcome to my website. A new path is before us, a new conception of what it means to be alive at this time, and to be human.

For this reason I feel it is imperative that we live out our deepest identity as an inextricable part of the cosmic unfolding. This is the greatest source of biological innovation and ingenuity that we can possibly tap, to flourish ourselves into the future. By joining my email list, you sign up to receive an excerpt from my E-Book “The Next Evolution of the Body, as well as monthly newsletters and offerings that serve as the continuation and extension of my work, Midwifing the Planetary Human. Join me today in changing your body, your evolution, and your life.  


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