We are in the present time participating in an unparalleled change in the human –Earth situation. As anxiety about our future mounts, the human gathers its hopes for the future from another typology, seemingly the artificial, or the cybernetic, the post-human or the super-human. It seems the project of our time may be the making of the “God-man” through technological means.
However as our human future becomes increasingly denatured and de-humanized, the equilibrium we seek may lie less in technological solutions, and more in the inherent tendencies of our genetic coding.
This genetic coding includes not only our own human origins and evolution, but also the imprint of all other species in evolution. An elaborate display of innovation and bio- technology that includes mutations, morphing life forms, and changing structures. A complex and diverse evolutionary unfolding, that intelligent machines do not share.
For three and a half billion years, the living creatures of the natural world have been engaged in this increasingly complex unfolding. Cells, tissues plants, animals, and ecosystems have constituted the codes of our human unfolding. We carry this living intelligence inside of us within our very cells. We must not turn away from this intelligence, but embrace it as our species wisdom to make our way into a viable future.

Welcome to my website. A new path is before us, a new conception of what it means to be alive at this time, and to be human.

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