We Need a Whole New Understanding of What it Means to be Human.

We are not static humans living separate from Nature and Cosmos.

We are human “beings in process,” intertwined with, and dependent upon a larger evolutionary process that is alive, ever evolving, and filled with intelligence.

Remembering and recovering our place in the web of life, we access a cosmic heritage stretching back approximately 14 billion years.

A cosmic heritage that includes life emerging from matter, complex adaption, and ever-evolving life forms; including the Earth itself. From this context the human finds a new source of wisdom and inspiration going forward -supported by a whole new human story of cosmogenesis.

Cosmogenesis is the origin and development of the universe. In my work I use the term to describe the emergence of new forms generated by culture and the various earthlings and beings (trees, oceans, microbes, animals) most of whom are not human.

This is a story of interdependence, interconnectedness and symbiogenesis with all of life.

We become an interbeing–Interbeing is a term used by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh, to emphasize the connection each of us have with one another and all living things.

This interbeing is a new form and expression of human emergence that is calling us.

Welcome to my website. A new path is before us, a new conception of what it means to be alive at this time, and to be human.

For this reason I feel it is imperative that we live out our deepest identity as an inextricable part of the cosmic unfolding. This is the greatest source of biological innovation and ingenuity that we can possibly tap, to flourish ourselves into the future. By joining my email list, you sign up to receive an excerpt from my E-Book “The Next Evolution of the Body, as well as monthly newsletters and offerings that serve as the continuation and extension of my work, Midwifing the Planetary Human. Join me today in changing your body, your evolution, and your life.  


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