TOPIC #5  

Body as Ecosystem: Introducing the Micro-biome

Science now is confirming that what we call a body is actually mostly a microbial process (microbiome). In fact we have more microbial cells, than we do human cells, by 10 -1. These microbes also have their own DNA, which is separate from our human DNA. So when we inquire into our body from this state of awareness, the landscape that starts to emerge is one of “ super- organism.” The body is a living, breathing, organismic process, inextricably linked with the ecological system. Our bodies are dependent upon the Earth as sustainer, and life giver. Just like organisms are vital to the Earth’s ecosystems, our micro-biome is vital for human health and adaptation. As we spend time in the natural world, we interface with the micro-biome of the Earth; linking, diversifying, and complexifying our micro-biome with the intelligence of the living Earth.

Welcome to my website. A new path is before us, a new conception of what it means to be alive at this time, and to be human.

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